NPS Quiz v1

  1. NPS are legal to possess?

  2. What is the maximum penalty for supplying NPS?

  3. What is "spice" a nickname for?

  4. What type of drug is 1P-LSD?

  5. What type of drug is Flubromazolam?

  6. How can you reduce the harm of NPS?

  7. NPS are highly addictive?

  8. Giving a "legal to possess" NPS to a friend could be seen as supplying an NPS?

  9. Who could you get support from if you felt you had a problem with NPS?

  10. What drug has been used to replace "legal highs" in headshops since the psychoactive substances act 2016?

  11. What would be the maximum penalty if you were caught in possession of Mephedrone?

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