Prepare to Survive
If you plan on using synthetic cannabis, consider using regular cannabis instead, the global drug survey(2015) concluded that you are 30x more likely to end up in A&E if you use synthetic cannabis instead of regular cannabis.

Consider your current mental state, never take a substance if you feel any negative emotion.

Research you chemical - make use of user forums - listen to long standing forum members, information websites, trip report websites and feedback sections on websites.

Make yourself aware of how to perform the recovery position.

Do not use if you have a history of mental health issues.

Be aware that if buying from a non UK seller online, the drug would need to be imported wich is an offence under the psychoactive substances act 2016.

Eat a meal before you use any drug.

Think about your environment - is it safe? Make sure you remove any hazards before using.

The role of friends - ensure they know what you are taking and the dose. Emergency knowledge in this field is limited also so the exact dose and substance could save lives in an emergency.

Think about safe sex - carry condoms and use them when having sex!

Plan how you are getting home before you take the substance.

Plan for a long lasting effect, and remember that nothing can sober you up apart from "time".

Does not use if you have any heart problems.

Do not take if you suffer from high blood pressure.

Do not use if you have any respiratory system problems.

Don't buy in bulk (large quantities).

Be aware that once you start a trip you cannot get out until the effects wear off, Please note that the effects of some new psychoactive substances have been reported to last for days.

Be aware that drugs taken oraly (pills, blotters, bombs) can take a while to kick in (sometimes as long as 2 hours)

Don't use if you are pregnant.

Always shake the packet every time before use.

Survive During
Allergy test – rub a little on your gum, if you have a bad response, such as swelling, pain, soreness or redness, do not use the substance.

Never follow the dosage on the packet - build up slowly. Everyone has a different tolerance, find out yours by taking small amounts (no bigger than the size of a matchstick head) every 3 hours to reach the high you want.

Do not drive or operate machinery whilst under the influence of a new psychoactive substance.

If you are dancing, stay hydrated by drinking small sips of water but don't go over 1 pint in 1 hour and take regular breaks from dancing.

Don't use alone.

Stick to one drug at a time, it would increase the risks involved in drug use if mixed with alcohol or any other drugs, including prescription drugs.

If smoking, use short puffs when inhaling, holding the smoke in your lungs does not increase the effect.

Seek help if you need to and be honest about what you have taken.

Don't get competitive with your drug intake, you could overdose.

Use smaller doses when you start to reach the bottom of the bag, this is usually the strongest part of the bag.

Leave as long as you can before re-dosing - most research chemicals peak later than street drugs.

Place sleeping or unconscious friends in the recovery position

If you have used and are going to sleep, sleep on your side in case you are sick.

If smoking in a pipe or bong, use small glass or steel pipes/bongs which give off less harmful fumes than plastic or wood ones.

If you have any chest pains, phone an ambulance.

Bring and use your own snorting equipment, do not share snorting equipment, there is evidence that Hepatitis C can be transmitted through sharing snorting equipment.

Continue to Survive
Be aware that ingredients might change, you may buy a drug one week, and then the next week the chemical has been changed but the packaging has not.

Protect against dependency - respect what you are using and limit your intake. some new psychoactive substances are known to be physically addictive .

There is support available for free for anyone who needs it across the UK no matter what your age. Visit our support page to find a Drug agency who can help, or you could visit your GP

It is a criminal offence to supply these substances, even to a friend, if a friend had a bad reaction from a drug that you gave/sold to them how would you feel?

Get some sleep.

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